Mesh Shake Bracelets

When Fire Mountain Gems sent me some mesh tube as a gift with my order, I thought they’d be quite stimmy as a shake bracelet full of small beads. Here’s our prototype mesh shake bracelet featuring Preciosa silver-lined ruby Czech glass seed beads and cherry red wooden bicones: We keep picking this up to fidgetContinue reading “Mesh Shake Bracelets”

Chewable Stretch Bracelet: Food Grade Silicone Rounds, Pyrite Rondelles, and Unfinished Ebony Rounds

This is a test bracelet made for our resident chewer. ChewsMe food grade silicone beads in pearl and marble finishes serve as chewable focals. Pyrite rondelles and unfinished ebony wood rounds finish out the bracelet. We strung it on Powercord to see how stretch cord holds up in a chewable bracelet.

Bleached Whitewood, Candy Mountain Jade, Turquoise Wood, and Silver Cones Necklace

Large 20mm bleached whitewood rounds and silver cones are the focals in this fun and colorful necklace. Multi-colored candy mountain jade rounds and turquoise-colored wood heishi fill in the field, and a silver clasp provides closure. Buy it.

White Horse Turquoise Smooth Heishi Rondelles, Copper Rounds, and Copper Barrels Necklace

Rare White Horse turquoise graduated from 6mm to 9mm alternates with 3mm copper rounds in this elegant necklace. Copper rounds and barrels finish off the length of this 35.75in/90.8cm piece. A copper toggle provides closure. Buy it.