The Music of Stimpunks

We placed songs from our “Chronic Neurodivergent Depressed Queer Punk” and “Pluralism Rocks” playlists throughout The music: Spare Me From the Mold by Gossip Keep On Livin’ by Le Tigre Out of Tune by Josephmooon Tunnel Vision by Grumpster Manic Depression by Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers Standing in the Way ofContinue reading “The Music of Stimpunks”

FAQ: What does our umbrella logo mean?

It started with my electric wheelchair. The accessory kit for the wheelchair included an umbrella holder. I like shade. I spend a lot of time outside in my chair, and an umbrella is very helpful to sensory regulation. When shopping for an umbrella to go with the chair, I came upon this rainbow one andContinue reading “FAQ: What does our umbrella logo mean?”

Fundamental Attribution Error and Harm Reduction Theater

Over on my personal blog, I wrote about “Fundamental Attribution Error and Harm Reduction Theater”, two fixtures of our disability journey. Lee Ross defined FAE as a tendency for people, when attributing the causes of behavior, “to underestimate the impact of situational factors and to overestimate the role of dispositional factors in controlling behaviour”. That’sContinue reading “Fundamental Attribution Error and Harm Reduction Theater”