Our Communication Stack

With our Element.io, P2, and WordPress communication stack, we cover the three levels, three speeds, and three archetypal spaces of communication, collaboration, and sociality. Contents: Three Levels: Conversation, Discussion, Publication Three Speeds: Realtime, Async, Storage Three Spaces: Caves, Campfires, Watering Holes Three Sensitivities: Dandelions, Tulips, Orchids Three Levels: Conversation, Discussion, Publication The three levels ofContinue reading “Our Communication Stack”

Peer Respite

A peer-run respite center is a non-clinical, completely voluntary service operated by people with their own stories of mental health recovery, trauma, hospitalization, incarceration, substance use, homelessness or some combination of these. “When you’re in a psych hospital, they take everything — down to your shoelaces — for your protection. Then they slap a diagnosisContinue reading “Peer Respite”

Back to Normal, Back to Inaccessible

Over on my personal blog, I wrote about the post-lockdown return to inaccessibility. “Autistic people have significant barriers to accessing safety.” Likewise physically disabled people. Lockdown bettered accessibility and neurological pluralism, and thus safety, in myriad ways that are now disappearing. Source: Back to Normal, Back to Inaccessible – Ryan Boren