Scentable Bracelets with Natural Lava, Unfinished Ebony Wood, and Pyrite

We’re working on our line of scentable bracelets. Apply essential oils to the lava and ebony beads and sniff your wrist when you need an olfactory stim. These stretchy bracelets are strung on Powercord. We use scentable bracelets, pendants, and pocket/keychain loops to satisfy olfactory stims without overwhelming others with perfumes and colognes.

Ebony Wood Bicones, Blue Glass Miyuki Cubes, Ethiopian Brass Heishi, and Ashanti Ghana Lost Wax Technique Brass Rounds Necklace

Dark 23mmx11m ebony bicones and Ashanti Ghana lost wax technique brass rounds alternate with light blue 4mm glass Miyuki cubes and 6mmx1mm Ethiopian brass heishi. A copper toggle clasp provides closure.