The Neurodivergent Experience in Josephmooon’s “So Far So Good”

Our own Ronan released an album. Ronan is lyricist for Josephmooon. You can read the story of their distributed collaboration on their blog: josephmooon explained more backstory “How to write a song” Mooonmemories These songs resonate with my autistic, bipolar, and disabled life. I’m super excited to add them to my favorite playlist, Chronic NeurodivergentContinue reading “The Neurodivergent Experience in Josephmooon’s “So Far So Good””

Kinetic Cognitive Style

I’m not a fan of the “ADHD” label because it stands for “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,” and the terms “deficit” and “disorder” absolutely reek of the pathology paradigm. I’ve frequently suggested replacing it with the term Kinetic Cognitive Style, or KCS; whether that particular suggestion ever catches on or not, I certainly hope that theContinue reading “Kinetic Cognitive Style”