Defining Ableism

Excerpted below are quotes from community writing and scholarly studies on the definition, history, and forms of ableism. Content notes: ableism, racism, sexism, white supremacy, slavery, ABA, cure, defectiveness, eugenics, scientific racism, torture, murder, police violence, state violence, suicide, institutionalization, imprisonment Ableism A system that places value on people’s bodies and minds based on societallyContinue reading “Defining Ableism”

Does Behaviorism Belong in the Classroom?

TLDR: No. The paradigm of behaviorism going back to BF Skinner…denies, dismisses, trivializes, or simply writes off the whole idea of inner experience and looks only at behavior, the actions on the surface you can see and measure. Source: Alfie Kohn | Does Behaviorism Belong in the Classroom? by The Think Inclusive Podcast • AContinue reading “Does Behaviorism Belong in the Classroom?”

There Is Little Empirical Basis to Suggest That PBS Is Effective

Overall, there is insufficient high-quality empirical evidence to suggest that PBS is effective at: enhancing quality of life, teaching adaptive skills, or reducing the use of restrictive practices. The majority of the studies (73.33%) were assessed to be of ‘low’ quality based on a score of <50% on the QATSDD. Whilst there is some ‘high’Continue reading “There Is Little Empirical Basis to Suggest That PBS Is Effective”