Us to You

Asking for help is a wonderful way to build community & engage in meaningful collaboration. In asking for help you also uplift others who want to show up for you.

Just a reminder that asking for help is a contribution

If you need monetary support for yourself and your work, contact our non-profit foundation at We pay neurodivergent and disabled people. We pay us to work. We pay us to live. We pay writers to write, artists to make art, advocates to advocate, and researchers to research. We pay rent. We pay medical bills. We buy medical equipment. We support the neurodiversity and disability communities that supported us on our journey. We serve our loved people so we can keep on living through the onslaught.

You to Us

Staying alive is a lot of work for a disabled person in an ableist society…


Complementing Stimpunks Philanthropic LLC is the non-profit Stimpunks Foundation at Stimpunks Foundation offers mutual aid and inclusive learning to neurodivergent and disabled people. The Foundation serves the bulk of our mission. If you would like to check out the foundation and make a tax-deductible donation, here are some buttons.

Mutual Aid and Human-Centered Learning for Neurodivergent and Disabled Creators

Stimpunks Foundation sponsors and employs neurodivergent and disabled creators and amplifies their work to our clients and throughout society. We exist for the direct support and mutual aid of neurodivergent and disabled people.

We complement mutual aid to creators with learning spaces for creators. Stimpunks Foundation serves neurodivergent and disabled people unserved by public and private schools. Via equity, access, empathy, and inclusivity, we build community learning space respectful of all types of bodyminds. We pursue passion-based, human-centered learning compatible with neurodiversity and the social model of disability. We create paths to equity and access for our learners.

Stimpunks Foundation

Ask, Give, Create Community

What I have always been hoping to accomplish is the creation of community. Community is magic. Community is power. Community is resistance.

Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century

In asking for and giving help, we create community that helps us all keep on living.

Keep On Livin’

I would like to honour all the autistic people who survive the care system somehow.

All those who survive extreme ‘therapy’.

All those who are brought to their knees, reading hellish descriptions of their loved people.

And all who did not survive this onslaught.

Ann Memmott PGC🌈 on Twitter
Look up to the sky, sky, sky
Take back your own tonight
You'll find more than you see
It's time now, now, get ready

-- Keep On Livin'

We serve our loved people so we can keep on living through the onslaught.

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