Stimpunks is a family affair. We’re autistic, ADHD, bipolar, dyslexic, dyspraxic, and dyscalculic. We know what it’s like to be disabled and different in our systems. Disabled and neurodivergent people are always edge cases, and edge cases are stress cases. We can help you design for the edges, because we live at the edges. We are the canaries. We are “the fish that must fight the current to swim upstream.

All we did was refuse to believe that we were the problem.

Source: Rolling Warrior: The Incredible, Sometimes Awkward, True Story of a Rebel Girl on Wheels Who Helped Spark a Revolution 

Ryan Boren

Ryan is a former WordPress lead developer who retired from tech in 2021 after 15 years at Automattic, the distributed company he helped start. He finished his time at Automattic working on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team and helping create and run the Neurodiversity Employee Resource Group. Building a community, a company, a platform, and an ERG was an intense ride full of mistakes and learning that Ryan distills into Stimpunks.

Inna Boren

Inna went from big tech project manager to family case worker. Her skills managing software and hardware teams are now used to manage teams of doctors, care workers, and educators. She’s our motive force as we “fight the current to swim upstream.”

Ronan Boren

Ronan loves music, particularly The Beatles and Laura Jane Grace. He writes the lyrics for Josephmooon, a distributed musical collaboration.

Chase Boren

Chase is a fantasy, history, and social studies buff who is probably reading right now.


We do not have sociology degrees. We are former technologists turned wannabe-sociologists interpreting and applying the work of experts.

Stimpunks is organized as a philanthropic LLC that makes money from consulting and gives money from our fund.