August at Stimpunks: Our Blogging, Our Reading, Our Giving

Our Blogging

After taking a blogging break for the first two weeks of August, we came back primed with fresh reading and new perspectives on previous reading.

Our Reading




Our Giving

We sent US$13k to neurodivergent and disabled people in August in support of their work and lives.

We did a week of peer respite on the Irie Smial Preserve with a burnt out neurosibling in mental health distress and housing crisis. They needed a break, a safe space, and peers who understood. We all helped each other and learned a lot.

We love the peer-run respite model and want to support folks in Texas doing this work. Contact us.

Our Blogging Queue

  • We Long to Belong: In Search of Psychological Safety
  • Being Legible: Legibility as Social Status, Situational Privilege, and Belonging
  • Try Again: Mercy is Necessary to Learner Safety
  • Online Classes Are an Equity Requirement: If Opening Schools Is About Equity, Why Aren’t We Listening to Those Most Impacted?
  • Vestibular Issues with Parallax Scrolling and Transition Animations
  • Psychological Safety in Families
  • The Neurodivergent Experience in Josephmooon’s “So Far So Good”
  • It’s Not Rocket Science: Considering and Meeting the Sensory Needs of Autistic Children and Young People
  • Craft, Flow, and Cognitive Styles
  • Equity Versus Equality
  • It’s About Equity
  • Accessible, Equity Literate Care
  • Disability Dongles and Cultural Engagement
  • Wheelchair Flow Patrol
  • The Bipartisanship of Behaviorism
  • Practicing Pluralism: Minority Stress, Harm Reduction, and Triage
  • Accommodations and Emotional Bids in Neurodiverse Relationships
  • Taking Control of the Mask: Unmasking as a Spoiled Identity

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